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IJLLL 2024 Vol.10(3): 257-262
DOI: 10.18178/IJLLL.2024.10.3.522

Exploring the Impacts of Learner Translator Corpus (LTC) on English Majors L2 Students

Jie Yang
Guangzhou Nanfang College, China
Email: 20210120047@fudan.edu.cn

Manuscript received December 12, 2024; revised January 13, 2024; accepted January 30, 2024; published May 14, 2024

Abstract—As a valuable resource for second language learners, Learner Translator Corpus (LTC) provides English majors with real-life contexts and offers authoritative, professional, and comprehensive translation guidance, thereby facilitating their acquisition of authentic English. This paper aims to provide a detailed introduction to Learner Translator Corpus (LTC), differentiate between LTC and Non-Learner Translator Corpus, draw a parallel between online LTC and local corpus, and elaborate on the usage and functions of Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) corpus and Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC) learner translation corpus. Results found that: 1) online corpora better cater to the needs of English majors for efficient knowledge acquisition, while LTC software is suitable for linguistic researchers to aid students in understanding and mastering specific language phenomena; 2) The grammatical errors caused by the influence of interlanguage can be avoided by utilizing LTC; 3) LTC significantly impacts English majors in language learning guidance, improving their language proficiency, and genre and professional language studies. By undertaking these analyses, this paper seeks to enhance English majors’ understanding of corpus-related knowledge and enable them to effectively utilize LTC to address translation challenges.

Keywords—Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA), Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC), English majors, Learner Translator Corpus (LTC)


Cite:Jie Yang, "Exploring the Impacts of Learner Translator Corpus (LTC) on English Majors L2 Students," International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 257-262, 2024.

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